Is Your Dog’s Bad Breath Really An Urgent Health Warning?!

Author profile picture By Jessica Michelle | | 3 MINUTE READ

What Most People DON’T Know About Their Pet’s Stinky Breath

We all love getting kisses from our dog...

And we all know that sometimes these kisses come with the price of smelly dog breath... right?

I learned this the hard way…

One night, not that long ago, I bent down to give my dog, Denali, a goodnight kiss... and the smell from her mouth was SO bad I almost wretched all over her.

It was probably the most putrid thing I had ever smelt. Somewhere in between a sharp cheese and a used diaper.

Denali’s breath had been getting worse and worse lately but I never thought much of it until that night when it made me gag…

I figured something just plain wrong had to be going on in her mouth.

Turns out I was right...

Bad Breath: An Early Warning Sign Your Pet Might Be In Serious Danger…

After a trip to the vet I was horrified to find out Denali’s mouth was swimming with plaque, tartar, and serious amounts of bacteria.


Turns out that 70-80% of life-threatening oral diseases show up in dogs by age three...

And I quickly learned that if I didn’t act soon, her future would be a slow decline of rotting teeth and gums.

Eventually, that bacteria could even make its way into the bloodstream and start to destroy her bones and flesh!

At that point my only options would be to either pump thousands of dollars into risky and expensive surgeries or…

End her life.

Jeez, I thought to myself... I knew her breath was bad… but I had no idea it could be life threatening. I was horrified.

The Truth About Your Pet’s Oral Health...

After the initial diagnosis my vet wasn’t a lot of help…

All she told me was to brush Denali’s teeth every night.

I had tried this before but I couldn’t get the brush anywhere near her mouth without her chewing on it.

So, I went out to my local pet store and sank a whole bunch of my money into useless dental products.

Chews, toys, toothbrushes and tooth pastes… you name it, we tried it.

Denali definitely appreciated all her new dental toys and chews, but she still stank to high heavens whenever she jumped into my lap and started breathing that toxic odor down my throat.

So I decided to kick it up a notch and go for the hard stuff.

I bought a bottle of alcohol-based doggy mouthwash for her.

While the alcohol-based mouthwash worked a bit, I never felt right giving it to Denali.

Dogs; obviously don't know how to use mouthwash, so she just end up gulping down a huge swig of alcohol.

She HATED the taste.

So getting her to take another swig was practically impossible… And on top of that the results were lack luster.

But I didn’t give up…

I still wanted something that was easier on me and my dog. And that ACTUALLY solved the problem of her brutal mouth bacteria…

So I kept searching… and luckily I stumbled onto a natural alternative online…

FINALLY, A Dental Solution That WORKS!

Pets are kids too premium dental spray

It’s called Pets Are Kids Too dental spray.

It uses nothing but non-harmful and vet-approved ingredients that have been proven to remove plaque and tartar and prevent them from entering the bloodstream.

So no more alcohol.


My vet told me it’s made up of the “POWERFUL THREE” ingredients that have been extensively researched to promote good oral health in dogs

Pets are kids too premium dental spray
Often nicknamed the “bacteria killer” by researchers, Sodium Benzoate is also found in delicious treats like cinnamon, berries, apples, and plums.
This sorbic acid is naturally derived from the berries of mountain ash and is a powerhouse of oral health. It helps increase bone mineral density, so Potassium Sorbate has been proven to prevent broken teeth and improve overall gum health!
Commonly known as baking soda, this naturally-occurring ingredient has been proven to melt away all the tartar and plaque build-up while making teeth white and shiny. Best of all? Sodium Bicarbonate is recognized as “safe” by the FDA.

All of this ‘sounded’ great…

But none of it would matter unless Denali actually ENJOYED the dental spray and wouldn’t throw a fit when it was time to clean her teeth everyday.

I was nervous when I brought a bottle home to her for the first time…

But sure enough it passed her “taste test” with flying colors!

Denali loved the non-alcoholic taste and I’d no longer have to wrestle with her to try and get the toothbrush in her mouth.

Most importantly her bad breath, plaque, tartar and bacteria practically vanished… faster than I could have imagined.

That was a scary time for the two of us, but now I know she’s happy, healthy, and safe.

Since Pets Are Kids Too helped change Denali’s dental hygiene (and her life) for the better…

I sent them a note and asked if I could write this story to help other pet owners.

Luckily, they said YES!

And even agreed to create a New Customer Special on this page only.

(NOTE: I will not get any commissions or anything like that, I simply wanted to help others. If even one pet’s life is saved by sharing my dog’s story it’s WELL worth it!)

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